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About Us

Small but Mighty - The Dream Team!

WE DO CHANGE is an avid catalyst for change working alongside organisations, teams and individuals to combat change fatigue by incrementally impacting positive change and improving work lives for the better.

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Our Story

We just like working together and getting stuff done!

Rochelle and Mike are highly certified and recognised experts who bring together a powerful combination of skills, and decades of experience in system design for value flow, organisational agility, process facilitation, coaching and training.  With a deep understanding of Agile principles and practices, they have honed their skills over the years, assisting numerous organisations in adopting Agile methodologies successfully. 

Supported by Mel, who handles all operational aspects, we ensure seamless coordination within our team. Mel keeps things running smoothly, allowing Rochelle and Mike to focus on delivering exceptional coaching and training services to our clients. Our team wouldn't be complete without our mascot, Benjamin. He brings playfulness and positivity to our work environment, an ever present reminder for us to find joy in our work.

We may be small, but our expertise, dedication, and passion set us apart. At WE DO CHANGE, we prioritise our customers' needs, taking a pragmatic approach to Agile coaching and training. As your dependable partner, we meet you and your teams where you are, supporting you on your improvement journey.

Meet The Team

Our coaches have worked with

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