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Flight Level 3 Design
11 December 2023


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Flight Level 3 Design

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Event Information

Design Flight Level 3 System to establish collaboration across the organisation to build products and services that bring the most value.

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The training takes place over multiple days online. Between each instructor-led workshop session, there will be small group work for application exercises from your own context - called Inter-session Work.

  • Mon. 11 Dec - Instructor led (10:00-13:00 SAST) Mon. 11 Dec - Inter-session (13:00-14:00 SAST*)

  • Tue. 12 Dec - Instructor led (10:00-13:00 SAST) Tue. 12 Dec - Inter-session (13:00-14:00 SAST*)

  • Wed. 13 Dec - Instructor led (10:00-13:00 SAST) Wed. 13 Dec - Inter-session (13:00-14:00 SAST*)

  • Thur. 14 Dec - Instructor led (10:00-13:00 SAST~close)

*you are welcome to reschedule your time slots for the inter-session group work amongst yourselves.

Pre-requisite: Flight Levels Introduction (FLIN) 

System Requirements

  • Computer with video camera, microphone, speakers / headphones.

  • Internet connection capable of supporting streaming video meetings.

  • Latest Chrome internet browser.

  • Latest version of Zoom.

  • Miro - online collaborative whiteboard platform

  • Slack messaging app

All Zoom/Miro/Slack links will be shared with participants prior to training.

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