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Rochelle Roos

Rochelle loves helping teams and organisations make sense of their reality so that they can work towards creating an environment where they wake up inspired and feel true safety at work. She is passionate about making the world better, together.


By encouraging individuals to take ownership of their responsibilities and enabling shared understanding of the change required, Rochelle helps foster enhanced job satisfaction, motivation, and inspiration within the wider team, which in turn helps develop progressive, profitable, and solution-driven businesses.

Her transformational knowledge and skills are derived from the Kanban Method for which she is one of only three Accredited Kanban Trainers (AKT) in South Africa.

Rochelle joins an organisation not as coach or trainer, but more so as a sense making partner who demonstrates different ways to improve their workflow within teams and across portfolios.

She is passionate about sharing the benefits of representing work visually which enables teams and organisations to clearly focus on their quantifiable goals and explore ideas that can make the impossible possible, and serves as a catalyst for systemic improvement.

Rochelle enjoys working with highly motivated, like-minded individuals who share her interest in adding value and moving forward. Some of her past clients include ABSA, FNB, PepCore, DSTV and the Mauritius Commercial Bank. Her innovative coaching and training methods are relevant to businesses in all sectors and she has shared her passion and experience with everyone from service delivery personnel to C-level executives.

Rochelle believes positivity attracts positivity and is always looking for the silver lining. She channels this positive energy and zeal within the Agile community by volunteering as a committee member for The Scrum User Group of South Africa (SUGSA). This involves facilitating meet ups and arranging community initiatives in South Africa like the regional Scrum Gatherings.

My journey with Kanban has given me the power to explore and experiment whilst being backed by data and highlight the true value of Agile.

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