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Rochelle Roos

Rochelle loves helping teams and organisations make sense of their reality so that they can work towards creating an environment where they wake up inspired and feel true safety at work. She is passionate about making the world better, together.


Rochelle enjoys working with highly motivated individuals and like minded teams who share her interest in adding value and moving forward.

Applying a systems thinking approach to aligning Agile methodologies at organisational level while working with clients to build the correct cultural and context-driven practices is what drives her.

She has worked in ITC (internet and telecommunications), Banking, Financial industries, Education, Manufacturing and Retail both in software development and in non development sectors for example Marketing.

She has coached and trained teams and individuals ranging from delivery teams to C-level executives.

My journey with Kanban has given me the power to explore and experiment whilst being backed by data and highlight the true value of Agile.
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