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Being collectively present in the same space whether virtual or in-person is immensely valuable.  Take time to reflect, gain perspective, be creative and reinvent yourself, your team or your organisation.

Our tailored or co-created immersive experiences will engage all in meaningful, critical conversations.

Introduction to Flight Levels

Understanding the Flight Levels Model - get the right people talking about the right things at the right time

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Design Thinking Workshops

This 4-day experiential workshop is an inspiring space for collective co-creation. You will experience and be guided through the various phases of a design sprint.

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Flight Level 2 Design

Learn how to visualise and manage the flow of value across your department, tribe or product.

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Leadership Workshops

A collaborative and co-creative space that enables leadership circles and people collaborating in teams to navigate challenging situations.

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Flight Levels Systems Architecture

In this workshop (FLSA) we show you how to connect agile islands in your organisation.

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Team Launch Workshops

This 2-day experiential workshop lays the foundations for a high performing team

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